Impatient Cow Productions


The Ranch

The Impatient Cow Ranch

264 Glendale Street (1135 W)

Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Impatient Cow Productions resides in a new, 35,000 sq ft commercial video production facility on the left bank of the scenic Jordan River—Utah’s answer to the Seine. Built in 1936, our studio has been used as both a 7-UP bottling plant and a refrigeration company.

We acquired the structure in the spring of 2012 and immediately began an extensive renovation/repurposing project to turn all that open space into the best production and post-production house in Utah. Walls were erected, windows added and mountains moved.

Also, for what it’s worth, an old possum was sadly displaced.

Unrivaled by any other video production studio housed in the great state of Utah, when all was finally said and done, we birthed a new mega-production complex that includes each of the following:

* Five video-editing rooms

* One full-fledged DaVinci Resolve color correction suite

* One large audio booth capable of recording any and all sounds

* One hair and makeup salon

* One wardrobe, boutique and props emporium

* One video camera shop

* One custom fabrication area

* One spacious stage with chroma green and full lighting grid

* One additional garage

Not too shabby, eh? Combined with the hobbit-farm we’ve got out back, our video production facility is as solid as they come. But enough with the flowery language—let’s get down to the hard-nosed numbers behind The Ranch:

* 35,000 sq/ft video production ranch

* 5 video editing suites

* 1 color correction suite

* 1 audio booth

Need to see it to believe it? If in Utah, schedule a time to come by and check things out here.


Stat 1
35,000 sq/ft Video Production Ranch
Stat 2
Green Screen Sound Stage
Stat 3
5 Video Editing Suites
Stat 4
Color Correction Suite
Stat 5
Audio Booth