Impatient Cow Productions

Rob Gilchrist


Lord Rob Gilchrist of Chi-Town is one of iCow’s most beloved cow comrades. Sure, he’s got a rough-and-tumble haircut, and just as many body tattoos as fingers on his left hand, but don’t be fooled by any of this—he’s just a normal, fun-loving softie like the rest of us. Seriously, the dude’s still rocking Chuck Taylors at the ripe old age of 40—gotta love it.

He peaked at age 12 as an amateur “steed” (BMX) racer, and it’s all been downhill (pun intended) since then. When he’s not working on some jaw-dropping motion graphics and marketing madness here at our studio, he can be found playing hacky sack, frisbee golf and other “really cool” games that make his wife question why she signed off on marriage over a decade ago.

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