Impatient Cow Productions

Nicholas Brown


Marquis Nicholas “Frenchy” Brown arrived from the far-off land of New Orleans, which explains his Napoleonic style of animation. Born and raised in the Big Easy, Nick loves the culture of his hometown, as well as Mardi Gras and any one of Utah’s random jazz festivals.

He has been creating fine art his entire life and specializes in oil painting, particularly landscapes. His first job out of school was working on a small, mildly successful film called Avatar. He has also worked on other films, including Mars Needs Moms—which he totally tried to warn them about, by the way.

We could tell he was a huge nerd and would fit right in here at The Ranch as soon as we saw his email address—something involving wizards, dwarfs or something like that. He’s moved to Utah with his lovely wife Diana and their two young children—Peter and Sarai. We are honored to welcome them to their new home.

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